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The Bigways.Eu organizing team comprises of skydiving enthusiasts working as instructors in SKYDIVE.PL, Poland's largest skydiving school.

Travelling many times to different bigway events we had the great opportunity to meet wonderful event organizers and learn from them. For many years we've taken part in bigway events in the USA, such as 100-way Perris P3, Kaleidoscope dives, 16-way sequential,etc. Last year we organized Poland's largest skydiving event - Euro Big Way Camp 2009 with over 200 participants, 8 aircraft and world's best load organizers: Kate Cooper-Jensen, B.J. Worth, Larry Henderson, Lesley Gale, Herman Landsman, Johan Hansson, a great camera crew: Norman Kent, Andrey Veselov, Henny Wiggers.This was a truly great event and we appreciate the tons of positive and motivating feedback we received.

In September 2010 we run Euro Big Way Camp 2010 - larger and better than previous years. This time located on the newest polish DZ in Kruszyn - central Poland (, we've employed 3 SkyVan, 4 Turbolet and our great LO and cameraman team, from previous years. The event gathered again gathered over 200 participants from over 30 nations. This 5 day event brought us great success, 103-way built and held for over 10 seconds, a couple of great 50-60 ways 3 ship loads.

July 2011 - the third EBWC edition, we're reaching for the 125-way+ mark and running pararell 60-80way+ team and an OPEN group building single ship formations. 

Our skydiving school is located in the heart of Poland, on a large, safe dropzone, probably the best in Poland. Skydiving internationally for many years we've gathered a lot of contacts and experience in event organizing. For many years we've also organized large tunnel camps for polish skydivers in the US. Thanks to these factors, our dedication and experience, we can bring to you this great skydiving event in Europe.

Thanks for visiting our website and hope to see you during our bigway events in 2011. Feel free to contact us: or directly:

Darek Filipowski                  Jaroslaw Szot                     Maciek Wegrzecki